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Stare at the blank page no longer – be inspired to get creative and write. And let’s use the incredible Anne Lister as our focus and inspirational muse.

At the heart of these lively and enjoyable workshops, will be the creation of new and exciting work. Whichever course you choose, a key focus will be the development and celebration of your writing. And remember, these workshops are for you, whether you’re a published writer or just beginning to put pen to paper. We all started somewhere, and we all have more to learn.


I’m passionate about poetry courses being accessible to all. I love to use Zoom, and workshops are priced on a sliding scale. There are also 2 free places per workshop.

If you’d like to learn more about me, my work and background, then please look at my about me page, or if there’s anything else you’d like to know you can also contact me.

Anne Lister Poetry Workshops

There are a few poetry courses to choose from. Each workshop within the course is ‘stand- alone’. You don’t need to attend all the workshops to follow the course (though it would be lovely if you did).

I’m really looking forward to meeting you. And guiding you to create some incredible poetry.

  • Lesbianism
  • Women / LGBT
  • Shibden Hall
  • Young People

Anne Lister and Lesbianism Workshops

Let’s discuss lesbianism. How does it affect our lives? And how did it affect Anne Lister’s life? Join us as we write poetry, and once more, bring together Anne Lister and the written word.

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Time: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs BST (Saturday/Wednesday)

Venue: ONLINE Zoom

Ticket: £20 £10 £5 (Sliding scale)

Available Workshops:

Women / LGBT – Anne Lister Poetry Workshops

Bitten by the Anne Lister and Gentleman Jack bug? Can’t quite get her out of your mind and want to know more? Let’s do as Anne did – get it down onto paper.

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Time: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs BST (Saturday/Tuesday)

Venue: ONLINE Zoom

Ticket: £20 £10 £5 (Sliding scale)

Available Workshops:

Anne Lister Poetry Workshops In Conjunction With Shibden Hall

If you are slightly in love, or even obsessed, with Anne Lister, and want to know more about this inspiring woman, come to her home town, tread in her steps and write. Spill it out onto the page, just as Anne did…

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Time: 10.30 – 15.00 hrs BST (Sunday/Tuesday)

Venue: Banfield Museum Halifax Link Gallery, Halifax

Ticket: £15 (£12.50 concessions)

Coming Autumn/Winter 2021

Young People – Anne Lister Poetry Workshops

If you’re 18 or under, fascinated by Anne Lister, itching to write but maybe not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. These online workshops are just for you.

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Time: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs BST (Sunday/Tuesday)

Venue: ONLINE Zoom

Ticket: £10 £5 £3 (Sliding scale)

Available Workshops:


I love to get feedback about my workshops, here’s what some former participants had to say.

A great weekend – thank you Christine. You were fun and encouraging and knowledgeable. so great to work in a supportive group and really enjoyed the writing exercises.

Laura S
Anne Lister Poetry Weekend
Horton Women’s Holiday Centre

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